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The following information is largely aimed at those with an interest in bell ringing but visitors with an interest in history may find it rewarding to see where this traditional activity is carried out.

A list of towers with 5 or more bells in the Chester Branch.

Visitors are advised to check ringing times before making a journey.

Place Dedication Bells Weight Practice Night Post Code
Aldford St John the Baptist 6 12-3-20 No Practice CH3 6JD
Backford St Oswald 6 10-0-12 Tuesday CH2 4BE
Chester Cathedral Of BVM 12 +1 24-3-0 Monday CH1 2DY
Chester St Mary Without-the-Walls 8 19-3-12 Wednesday CH4 7HL
Chester Old St Mary's 8 13-3-8 No Practice CH1 2DW
Chester All Saints, Hoole 6 7-2-0 Thursday CH2 3HZ
Christleton St James 8 12-1-26 Tuesday CH3 7AG
Dodleston St Mary 6 8-0-0 Tuesday CH4 2NT
Eccleston St Mary the BVM 8 26-3-3 Monday CH4 9HT
Farndon St Chad 8 12-1-22 Wednesday CH3 6QD
Handley All Saints 6 14-2-0 Tuesday CH3 9DZ
Malpas St Oswald 8 13-3-6 Wednesday SY14 8PW
Pulford St Mary 8 9-3-6 Thursday CH4 9DG
Tarporley St Helen 8 11-0-7 Tuesday CW6 0AJ
Tarvin St Andrew 6 8-1-8 Thursday CH3 8EB
Tattenhall St Alban 6 12-0-7 Thursday CH3 9QE
Tilston St Mary 6 9-1-2 Thursday SY14 7HA
Tushingham St Chad 6 11-1-7 No Practice SY13 4QT
Waverton St Peter 8 8-0-10 Friday CH3 7QN
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